Projecting Velodrom Nürnberg

On November 13, 2018, the city of Nuremberg was awarded the contract as a Federal Base for Cycling Short Term / Endurance – Road – Track – MTB.

The association „Verein Sportplatz Nürnberg 1903 e.V.“ has been in the planning phase for the construction of a fully roofed cycling hall called „Velodrom Nürnberg“ for three years.

The project ties in with the long-standing cycling tradition of the „two-wheeled“ city of Nuremberg. The training and competition site for cycling will be built in the Sportpark Langwasser, Schreiberhauer Street / Oelser Street.

Velodrom Nürnberg Grundriss
The board of the „Verein Sportplatz“: (from left) Manfred Wolf, Frank Schwarz,
Chairman Andreas Zentara and Manfred Nürminger, executive Director Nürminger Immo & Konzept GmbH
The financing of the construction project is based on funds from the association Verein Sportplatz Nürnberg 1903 e.V. and subsidies from the federal government, the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Nuremberg. The Europe-wide invitation of tenders for the project has been initiated, but the contract has not yet been awarded.

Andreas Zentara, 1st chairman of the Verein Sportplatz Nürnberg 1903 e.V., sees great future opportunities for repositioning cycling in southern Germany. „Professionals are not born, but are the result of good youth development work. Thanks to the support of the City of Nuremberg, in particular the sports mayor Dr. Gsell and the Bavarian Cycling Federation, we have come much closer to achieving this goal.

Manfred Nürminger, CEO of Nürminger Immo & Konzept GmbH in Burgoberbach, was selected as the preferred bidder in the Europe-wide award procedure in order to obtain the building rights for the Velodrom.

Design and plans for the Velodrom will be prepared jointly by the architects Peter Lüftner from Igensdorf and Anna Nürminger-Gulden. Ms. Nürminger-Gulden was an active cyclist for several years, as were her father Manfred and her two brothers Marco and Frank.

The Velodrom is equipped with a 250m wooden track according to Olympic standards. International and national championships can be held here starting in 2021.

The floor area of the Velodrom is approx. 12,400 square metres and includes state-of-the-art fitness, seminar and physiotherapy rooms.

The professional and amateur athletes also have access to accommodation and gastronomy.
The athletes have optimal training conditions in the Velodrom to prepare for their competitions.